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Yahalom Creative Solutions (YCS) Ltd. was established in 1995 by Moshe Elkayam and Yonit Forem. With an experienced team of branding and Internet designers, database specialists, the company supplies a wide range of services in both electronic and printed formats, from concept to branding to image design.

In its early days, the company – then called Studio Yahalom – operated as a traditional graphics studio, primarily producing print materials, both for marketing and advertising purposes, as well as for news organizations. It also specialized in 3-D simulations, largely for the architecture sector.

But with the development of new media technologies, YCS expanded its horizons, bringing on board a team of Internet and database specialists to complement its design staff. “Our intention,” said Elkayam, “is to embrace the technological revolution that is underway in the communications field, and at the same ensure that we remain at the forefront of progressive design.”

Today, YCS designs and produces both promotional and functional Internet websites, audio-visual presentations, printed and Internet advertisements, display booths for trade shows, packaging and visual elements of corporate identity, as well as magazines, brochures, annual reports, catalogs, newsletter designs and online product catalogs. Working for clients in a range of business sectors, it specializes in the diamond and jewelry industries.

The company also conducts its own research and development, and in 2009 introduced to the market the EasyStock software package of E-commerce solutions for companies in the diamond and jewelry industries, which enables them to upload their inventory online to conduct and promote their business.

The goal of YCS is to provide clients with a one-stop-shop, which supplies all of their corporate and marketing communications requirements, including graphic design, programming, content and strategic planning.




Our design philosophy is to create a powerful impression that invites viewers to respond positively. Clients thus feel inclined to respond to the design.


We don't make promises that we can't back up. We give the highest level of personal service to ensure you are always supported in your business activities.


Search results are critical; our sites are based on search engine-friendly tools that make your site easier to find by improving their ranking.

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